Shooting War


Shooting War


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Editorial: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 9780446581301
Autor: Lappe, Anthony|Goldman, Dan
Idioma: English

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The global war on terror is raging out of control. The president is popping Prozac. And the #1 selling videogame in 2011 America is the terrorist-simulator Infidel Massacre: Los Angeles. On the streets of gentrified Brooklyn, videoblogger Jimmy Burns’ latest anti-corporate rant is cut short by a terrorist bombing of a Starbucks…but his live feed isn’t. When his dramatic footage is uploaded by Global News (‘Your home for 24-hour terror coverage’) and rebroadcast across the planet, the obscure blogger is transformed into an overnight media sensation. The next thing he knows he’s on a Black Hawk helicopter inbound for Baghdad, working for the same mainstream media monster he once loathed. Burns soon finds that everyone from his ratings-ravenous network overlords to Special Ops troops with messianic complexes to a charismatic band of tech-savvy jihadists all want to make him their pawn.