Cars: First Look and Find


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ISBN: 9781412793445
Autor: Burroughs, Caleb|Weber, Louis|Ltd., Publications International|International, Editors of Publications|Ltd., |Staff, Publications International Ltd.|International, Ltd. Editors of Publications
Editorial: Publications International
Idioma: English


1 disponibles

Published for toddlers, First Look and Find: Cars features Lightning McQueen and Doc from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. The book shows the freewheeling pair on its light-hearted adventures. Each two-page spread portrays a colorful, action-packed scenario and provides an illustrated list of items for your child to find. The scenarios include:
• The junkyard, where young readers can search for car parts
• McQueen hard at work repaving the streets while the cars that live in Radiator Springs look on
• Doc showing McQueen how to go ‘tractor tipping’ in a field full of sleeping tractors that are to be located by kids
• A road scene with signs for little travelers to point out
• The racetrack on race day, full of race-related gear to be found
• Doc’s helicopter ride over the desert, where interesting rock formations can be spotted
• Flo’s V8 Café, which is strewn with letters and numbers

This book from the Look and Find series will keep toddlers’ interest while they:
• Search, point, and match
• Make comparisons
• Discover concepts such as size, shape, and color
• Follow simple directions
• ‘Read’ a book alone

Additional learning ideas are included for parents to use in working with their children:
• Identifying shapes and colors
• Understanding opposites
• Recognizing rhymes
• Counting and grouping
• Learning the alphabet and letter sounds

Features of this book, which requires no reading, include:
• A soft padded cover
• A parental guide for interactive learning ideas
• Sturdy board pages that wipe clean and resist rips and tear to extend the life of the book

First Look and Find: Cars conforms to the Specifications for Toy Safety of ASTM F963-07.

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