What Time Is It, Daniel Tiger?


What Time Is It, Daniel Tiger?

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Editorial: Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 9781481469340
Formato: Board Book
Idioma: English

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‘Fans of Daniel Tiger will love spending a whole day with Daniel, learning about his routines, and moving the sturdy clock hands in this novelty board book thats a very early introduction to telling time! Its a memorable day in the neighborhood as Daniel shares his favorite times of day from breakfast time to bedtime and everything in between! First, follow Daniel through his morning routine! Then go to the Clock Factory for Chime Time! What time is it now? Dinnertime, then bath time, and finally, bedtime. This novelty board book has sturdy, moveable plastic clock hands that make a ticking sound like a real clock! Move the hands as you make Daniel part of another great time of day: story time!’–Amazon.com.